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Skillup Program

Skill Up Program

Skill UP Program is designed to fasten the learning curve. The focus will be on applying the strategy in the live market scenario. 



Skill UP Program is designed to fasten the learning curve. Focus will be on applying the strategy in live market scenario. During the skill up sessions, the mentor will guide how to tackle different market scenarios and plan trading ideas in front of the students. It serves as an excellent learning tool and confidence building mechanism. Student queries also will be addressed during the skill up sessions. This program will benefit only those who are aware of Supply & Demand trading strategy since this program entirely focuses on real time implementation of the strategy. Theoretical concepts are not covered in this program, if one needs to learn that it is recommended to enrol for our course – Master Stock Trading with Supply & Demand Trading Strategy.

Skills You'll gain

benefit Understanding Finer Nuances

Financial Freedom

Confidence to Trade

Discipline & Patience

Client Testimonials

"Thank you for the wonderful sessions. Concepts were very nicely explained and very enriching experience. Highly recommend to people who want to invest / trade systematically."
~Jigar Buddhadev
"Mahesh explained each & every concept in very easy manner. I am confident now and sure to make money in share market. Thanks a lot!"
~Alok Agrawal


Ideally one should have completed Master Supply & Demand (MSD) course or Core Strategy course to join the Skill Up Program.

Subscription for new Skill Up Users will start from the date of purchase and will expire as per the plan chosen. Someone who renews the subscription before expiry of existing subscription, for him/her subscription for the new purchase will commence only after the expiry of the existing subscription. Subscription will expire as per the plan chosen.

All the sessions will be recorded and uploaded in the past sessions video archive, which can be viewed as per one’s convenience.

Educational trading ideas shared in the live sessions, will be as per the strategy taught. However, one should not consider it as a tip giving service and do a thorough analysis before executing any trade.

We will try our best to adhere to the schedule displayed on our course calendar. However, if due to unavoidable circumstances a session is cancelled or rescheduled, we will accommodate the users for the next available session.